SGA President and Vice President get Dunked!

By Martin Hussey Jr., Correspondent

On October 3, 2020, President Melea Tucker and Vice President Timothy Castillo volunteered to get dunked in front of the Student Union. Between noon and one, hilarity ensued. 

Attendees were allowed six balls to throw at the target. Tucker or Castillo went into the water, which they described as “very cold,” if the person succeeded in hitting the target. Many people came out to see the event, including Chancellor Karlsson. Although the line was short, it was full of devoted people ready to lovingly dunk the people they had elected to office. 

Curiously, one of the people in line was in a banana suit. When asked what was with the costume, the young man said he is Tucker’s acquaintance and wanted to mess with him some more. Although Tucker and Castillo pleaded for mercy and expressed great relief when spared, most people dunked them; some of them got back in line to dunk the other executive or to dunk the same one again. 

After everything wrapped up, Tucker explained, “SGA wanted an event that entertained students. However, we specifically wanted an event that did not involve being online or having a limited number of people register for it due to COVID-19 safety rules.” In that case, it looks like this event succeeded in that goal, and hopefully, there will be more just like it! Secretary Allyson Campbell and Treasurer Hunter Langemo, you’re next!