President Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Prescott

Prescott Regional Airport Flooded with Supporters and Aviation-Lovers Alike

By Mattysen Short, Correspondent 

On Monday, Oct.19th, 2020 President Donald J. Trump hosted a campaign rally at the Prescott Regional Airport in Prescott, Ariz. President Trump was joined at the rally by Ariz. Gov. Doug Ducey and Junior U.S. Senator Martha McSally, who is hoping to be re-elected to the Senate in November. 

Both Ducey and McSally had kind things to say about the president and one another. “Donald Trump will win the state of Arizona! Donald Trump will be returned to the white house!” said Ducey who is confident that not only will President Trump be re-elected in Nov. but that McSally will join him in the senate, where they plan to work together as conservatives to elect more conservative judges such as Amy Coney Barrett. 

Martha McSally spent her time on the stage listing reasons Trump is “making America great again,” from bringing jobs home from China to backing law enforcement and border patrol, both of which she said are crucial to the safety and strength of the country.

President Trump himself focused on talking about the media, his campaign trail and how he’s doing compared to his opponent Joe Biden, the Coronavirus pandemic, tax cuts, and what he is doing to aid soldiers overseas.

Due to the closeness of this presidential campaign rally to Embry-Riddle Prescott, many students attended the rally. With the school being full of aviation fanatics, and Marine One and it’s decoy touching down on the same runway that many of our students fly every day, it is no surprise that many students attended just for the aviation aspect. 

Embry-Riddle freshman Brad Szywala, who is majoring in Aeronautical Science (fixed wing), said that he attended the rally just to say that he had seen the President – and “because the aircraft [at the rally] are insanely cool”.

Maps on Snapchat also showed the Embry-Riddle flight line as a hotspot, with many students taking videos and pictures of the presidential aircraft while attending their flight lessons and ground school.

In addition to aviation nerds, some students attended the rally to just see the president in person, regardless of political affiliation, many students saying that it was “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to have the re-election campaign so close to the school.

While the university has not yet addressed punishments or lack thereof for attending, students have expressed concerns surrounding whether attending the rally is considered high-risk. Less than a quarter of rally-goers wore masks, and most attendees were in close contact with one another in the crowd.

The Wellness Center in Prescott said that since the event was off-campus, a quarantine will not be required and that students should just keep up with washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing. 

For many students, attending the Trump rally in Prescott is a once in a lifetime opportunity and provided a cool experience for aviation lovers, Trump supporters, and people who just wanted to see the president alike.