Movie Review – Enola Holmes

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

Enola Holmes is an interesting young woman, fitting for this incarnation of typical Sherlock Holmes stories. While her grown brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, are off living their lives, Enola is raised by her mother, instilled with values of feminism, education, and independence. While her education would be widely accepted and appreciated now, the movie is set in 1884 England, so these are trailblazing and risky actions for a woman.

As the movie progresses, I find myself both enjoying it and rolling my eyes. On one hand, Enola is humorous and I enjoy seeing her test the supposed norms of London high society and what constitutes as ladylike. On the other hand, she does fall into the cliche of a young romance on her independent journey to find her mother and the movie becomes dull. In that moment, Enola becomes a character in a teen romance movie, where everything she wishes is granted and her time of struggling has ended. It is unrealistic and contradicts the movie’s feminist themes, especially when Enola strays from her self-given mission to rescue the boy she swears she doesn’t like. 

Overall the movie was pleasant, and I do recommend it for a lighthearted time. I don’t give the movie five stars because it lacked thrill and wouldn’t be enjoyed by real Sherlock Holmes fans. The film had exciting moments, but there was no unpredictability considering it is a mystery movie. During the entirety of the movie, a thought that kept popping up in my mind was how odd Seven looked with hair (reference to Stranger Things). However, there were some quotable moments, by the man himself. The Sherlock quote that resonated with me the most in modern day America was, “You have to look for it, the truth is always there.”