Fitness App Review: Bend

An Exercise App Suitable for All, 

Rating 5/5

By Emma Sanders

Since quarantine began, access to gyms or typical outdoor exercise grounds have been widely reduced, leaving many people, myself included, wondering what type of new exercise to take up. While considering which type of activity I should try, and which kinds of activities I am able to do from home, I considered the root of many exercises: stretching. Embracing the art of movement, and finding flexibility and tranquility within oneself seemed like an excellent place to start. 

Bend, an app which can be found on the App Store and Android and iPhone users, presents set stretching routines to exercise different muscles during different times of the day. There are five routines on the app, and access to the first stretch sequence on the app is free. Access to all five of the routines requires the user to pay a one-time fee of $2.99. 

The five routines from which the user can choose are Wake Up, Posture Reset, Lengthen, Full Body, and Sleep. These routines range from four to eight minutes to complete, and consist of a series of diagrams depicting the pose for the user to follow. Each diagram has the length for which the stretch must be held. Once the user selects a routine, a countdown begins and the first pose appears on the screen. The user holds that pose for the length of time it takes to complete, typically around 30 seconds. Once the timer ends, the next pose in the sequence appears on the screen. 

The user has the option to repeat each stretch, pause the timer, or skip to the next stretch. The settings can be adjusted to turn the sound for each routine on or off. The app is easy to navigate and understandable to all. The settings of the app display the user’s streak of the day, longest streak, total sessions, and average session per day. The analytics help keep you motivated to stretch every day and improve your flexibility over time.

Bend is a great way to explore new stretching poses and techniques, and enhance other activities while doing so. The app is accessible, affordable, and allows the user to exercise in a way that is unique to them and their schedule. I recommend downloading Bend for anyone participating in a variety of activities or just looking to discover new stretching poses.