Spoiler Free Review of Beastars

Cherryton Academy is a typical anime high school filled with students studying for success. However, these aren’t your typical students. The difference between predator and prey is shown through the life of an anthropomorphic animal high school. This is the start of the rising Netflix anime called “Beastars.”

When first looking at the show, I was not expecting it to truly shine more than the manga itself. The art style is aesthetically pleasing with fluid movements that follow each character closely, which have their own unique style similar to their feral animal forms. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t the only one who was surprised at how popular this furry (animals with human-like features) anime got. I get what other people would say about it, but the unique atmosphere and unique character base really makes it attractive. The world takes place where these anthropomorphic animals are civilized and wear clothes and go to school like any typical student would go to. At the boarding school of Cherryton Academy, carnivores and herbivores mingle in harmony as they set aside their natural differences.

The whole dynamic of predator and prey is demonstrated where predators eat meat substitutes to satisfy their needs as well as the existence of the black market where actual prey meat exists for predators to freely eat. In the first episode of the show they highlight each part of the animal kingdom the student population consists of, such as carnivores like wolves, bears, dogs, etc. and  herbivores; bunnies, horses, llamas, etc. In society, there is easily a divide between students where the herbivores associated with each other and the same with the carnivores. 

The anime starts off strong with the murder of an alpaca student with an unknown killer slowly starting to surface up. Students at Cherryton High School are panicked on both sides, especially with the herbivores thinking that the carnivores have lost control. Even with the friendly atmosphere between both sides, there is still an unspoken invisible line of mistrust.

However, the main character, a gray wolf named Legoshi, suddenly becomes a prime suspect. After all, wolves are the most fearsome of the carnivore family. Our main character senses the looking eyes across the hallways and locker rooms trying to avoid trouble. He stumbles upon an unlikely friend from the herbivore family and becomes infatuated with her because she shows no fear when interacting with him. However, she has her sights on the lead actor of the drama club who is trying to become the Beastar, the chosen animal who will stand as a peacekeeper between carnivores and herbivores.

With a unique atmosphere and a huge setting with lovable characters, it’s hard not to like. With a plot that brings both sides together in harmony for one goal, to become the next Beastar. This show is definitely not one to miss. Season 1 will get you hooked immediately, making you wish Season 2 would come out sooner.