Quarantine Life: Bob Ross Paint Night

Have you ever wanted to do something relaxing with your friends or get your anger out while creating something? It’s as easy as going to Bob Ross’ YouTube channel and finding a painting you want to do. Thirty dollars later and with access to the internet, you embark on a fun artistic outlet for your stresses. It is especially fun with friends.

This past week my roommates and I were tested for COVID so we were quarantined and we decided it would be fun to do something together. We decided to do a paint night and used Bob Ross as our inspiration. It was a fun activity to create memories along with a piece of artwork. We followed along to the painting called “Ocean Breeze”, Season 10 Episode 5.

Before you start, you’ll need to check out the start of the Bob Ross video for the colors that will be used for the painting. They will scroll across the bottom of the screen. 

Then you will need to get the materials to make your masterpiece. You don’t always have to do or use what Bob Ross does. The materials we used are listed below. 

The last and the best step is to paint with Bob Ross! Remember to have fun with this, it does not have to and most likely will not look exactly like Bob’s paintings. 

“We can’t keep up with how fast you paint Bob!”, you may have heard this phrase if you passed by our dorm while we were painting. My roommates find painting with Bob therapeutic, by getting their anger out. I found it very relaxing as I sort of followed what Bob did but also did my own thing. 

It took us around four hours to finish our paintings since we had to pause many times and rewind to see what Bob did and to catch up to where he was. It took us a little bit to mix our paints like Bob does so we also had to pause to do that too. Bob uses oil paints that blend easier than the acrylic paints that we used. Luckily, you can pause a YouTube video. 

We definitely plan on doing many more Bob Ross paint nights. We have done two so far and we found that this is our thing we do as roommates. We have them hanging up on our walls in our dorm.

If you would like to do a Bob Ross Paint Night, here is a list of supplies we used:

And as Bob Ross would say, “This is your world” so use whatever painting supplies you want to use to make your world on your canvas.

What we used: 

  • Acrylic paints (they are cheaper and are easier to clean up)

Colors (we used from Apple Barrel): White, new shamrock, too blue, mountain blue, Black, barn red, brown oxide, yellow, apricot, Bright red 

  • Paintbrushes
  • White canvas 
  • Paint pallets 
  • Cup of water
  • Paper towels
  • Bob’s effervescent voice