Outdoor Basketball Court!

The New Basketball Court by Earharts Attracts Ballers

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

In Spring 2020, COVID-19’s initial presence in America and our ERAU community, the outdoor basketball court was finally completed. After months of planning and manual labor, the projected completion date was April 2020. Sadly, because of the horrific pandemic, only this Fall has the cement court been available for use. However, up to this very day, the court has been used by students daily. 

While the basketball court is not new to freshmen, it is to returning students and faculty on campus. This project was an applaudable plan led by student leaders in both SGA and SCEF, which funded the court’s construction. The major influencer and promoter for the court was 2019-2020 SGA Secretary Zach Atherton. 

In the months of preparation, many different locations were considered for the basketball court. Some supporters suggested near the Activity Center while others would have liked it to be out near the tennis courts. Ultimately it was placed near Earharts for the proximity to the residential study body and as a response to students’ wishes for closer fitness options. So far, it has been proven the right spot. At any given time of the day, students can be seen playing pickup basketball on the courts.

It is refreshing to see students have an exercise release after having classes and heavy homework loads. “Although I don’t like or can even play basketball, I am so happy they included benches on the courts!”, student Tatiana Chacon exclaimed as she watched her peers from the sideline. The court is home to two benches, on opposing corners, for long water breaks and potential (limited) crowds. It has been widely received as a good, inclusive addition to the court.

Additionally, the basketball court is fenced in to protect those passing by from any loose balls. With security purposes in mind, the court has gained lights that turn on at dusk and a lock at the end of the day. Overall, the basketball court is serving its purpose and much more, as can be seen this year.