Club Spotlight: How is Silver Wings handling COVID?

By Grace Tevaseu, Correspondent

With a multitude of organizations home to ERAU, Silver Wings is one of the largest. This Prescott chapter is a subsidy of the national American service organization, led by college students. Silver Wings, along with its sister organization, Arnold Air Society, works to enhance leadership skills, develop professionalism, and increase military awareness in universities across the USA. Their organization motto demonstrates these aspirations, “Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Courage to Serve”.

As many clubs are facing difficulties operating during the current pandemic, Silver Wings is functioning better than most. Civilian Development Officer for the incoming Candidate Class Johnathan Wang commented, “Silver Wings is functioning somewhat regularly via Zoom meetings, for our Active members, every Sunday evening.” For example, “This past Sunday we had our 3rd chapter meeting, as well as our 2nd chapter staff meeting (via Zoom as well).” 

Aside from a few technical difficulties, this semester’s position elections were also conducted without a hitch. Despite “all that is going on at school right now, I appreciate how Silver Wings is consistent with their meetings and professionalism,” attributes member Grace Hulbert. “As for fundraisers and joint relation projects with the Arnold Air Society (AAS), they are still in the process of being created that will follow COVID guidelines, even though most of them will take place off-campus,” Wang.

Being so closely related, Silver Wings and AAS collaborate on a number of events; this is seen in the image above, a gathering of “Arnold Air Society’s 2019 Candidate Class and our Silver Wing’s 2019 Candidate Class from last fall.”

So far this semester, the service organization has been adapting their club activities as best they can. With a forward mindset, Silver Wings is hoping to “transition into in-person events soon”, as “our chapter president and I are in the process of becoming a Safety Officer,” Wang explains optimistically.