Workout Review: The Four Weeks Summer Shred by Chloe Ting

Grace Tevaseu

Like most everyone who socially distanced, I picked up a new activity during quarantine. Inspired by social media and with renewed energy, after fulfilling my duty as a couch potato for weeks, I tried an at home fitness routine. The “Four Weeks Summer Shred” workout was brought to me by internet fitness guru Chloe Ting.

There were numerous upsides to the regiment: all Chloe Ting’s routines were and are free online. She has videos targeting different parts of the body to get a full body workout. Although I only did the mandatory video workouts, I appreciated that she added optional yoga and workout videos every day for those who are at more advanced levels. When I had time, I watched her meal prepping tips and recommendations as well. This specific summer 2020 plan was time-efficient, typically taking about 30 minutes out of the day, and it didn’t require any extra fitness equipment for those of us on a budget. In addition to the workout and food videos, Chloe Ting acknowledged that exercising alone can be challenging. So, she added videos of users’ fitness journeys on her YouTube channel. It was great to see others in solidarity with me, sharing my pain.

The downside was basically the workout. Pre-quarantine, my workouts consisted of running, core, and sports. In quarantine, the home workout had me doing more core and CrossFit exercises without breathing breaks. Not going to lie, the movements were awkward at first and I didn’t feel any resulting strength until week 3. However, as all things go, over time I gradually got stronger and better at the video workouts. Overall, the workouts were great and FREE! The only reason I took off half a star was for Chloe Ting’s personality. She is so kind and sweet. She is the type of person that will say inspirational things to you while she is working out. She shows no signs of sweat nor heavy breathing, and her makeup is completely unscathed by the time the video ends. Personally, I would have preferred Chloe Ting to yell at me and tell me to, “Pull yourself together!,” like The Rock on Titan Games or Gordan Ramsey on any of his cooking shows. For this reason, I may switch workout videos to Hannah Eden. However, I am glad I tried this routine. I recommend it for anyone who is new to workout videos or trying to get in shape at home.

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