Profile: Missed Opportunities

By Ivana Martinez, Correspondent

COVID has created an atmosphere where some couldn’t achieve their own goals for this past summer. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many were left with no state of employment, whether it would be an internship or a job. This is a story of someone who has been working to get an internship for a long time, only to have it interrupted by COVID-19. 

Antony “Tony” Lordanov is a current Senior studying Mechanical Engineering – Robotics track. He became acquainted with an individual named Mary, with whom he had worked at NASA’s Ames Research Center in the past. The two quickly got acquainted before she referred both Tony and his girlfriend to Doug Wardwell, who was a buddy of hers that works as a NASA-Ames Aero Division Chief as well as Frank Kmak, the head of the wind tunnel facility. During the last month of school which was done online, Tony was stressed over whether he would have an internship with NASA in Mountain View, Calif. The internship would put him on a team where he says he would’ve been working on “Building short-ranged drones for search and rescue”. 

“During the last month of school which was done online, I was constantly anxious as to if I would have an internship with NASA. This was for two reasons; the first being a general concern if I was good enough to be selected, and the second being whether COVID would cause it to be cancelled,” he said of the time period. 

“However, during the week that they were going to announce [it] I finally got my answer about the internship from my girlfriend, who was contacted by the hiring manager at NASA. She was informed that we were both to be selected for an internship at NASA-Ames but were both unfortunately turned down due to COVID.”  

To him, this was a major disappointment. He had been hoping for months since then thinking that he would be selected for the internship. Tony explains that having been busy in the past due to summer classes and just generally being turned down, this would have been his first internship in his entire career. 

Since he was no longer going to be doing an internship over the summer, he instead decided that he would “take some classes over the summer to knock out some credits that I needed to take. I also opted to not do any normal work over the summer, deciding to instead focus on my classes and relaxing,” he says.

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