Mask on! A DIY Mask Tutorial

By Ivana Martinez, Correspondent

When first coming back from Quarantine, the most popular thing that came into mind is how there were different masks that were being worn. Whether it be N95’s, standard medical masks, or even bandanas, everyone seemed to be covering themselves up well and sanitizing their loved ones straight out of their plane. However, one thing that stood out the most was how many people were making their own masks. After some research, I came to the conclusion that making your own fabric masks isn’t as hard as anyone would’ve thought! This is Horizons’ walkthrough of making a mask!

Sewing machines are not always accessible and sometimes are a little bit too expensive to purchase, whether new or second-hand. Don’t worry, there is a way to make your own facial masks without needing a sewing kit or a sewing machine. Before starting, the ideal fabric when making your own masks are tightly woven and 100% cotton, meaning it is washable and reusable. 

First, you need to get a handkerchief, a 20×20 inch piece of fabric or old t-shirt or a square scarf. You will also need one pair of standard hair ties. Make sure they can go around your ear comfortably and not slip over since new rubber bands tend to be really tight when you first buy them. Then, you fold the two sides of the square piece of fabric, lengthwise and towards the middle. After, grab the two hair ties and pull one around all ends of the rectangle. Doing this will break it into thirds. Those thirds would then be folded into the center. Lastly, pull the mask on by fitting the hair elastic around your ears and making sure each of the tail ends of the fabric is on your face and doesn’t move loosely. 

The other method I have used when making my masks is with needle and thread. These masks came out a lot nicer than the ones I used with no sewing kit since it involved more precision. Before purchasing the fabric, I measured my face to see how wide and how long I need the fabric to be before buying it. Take the two layers of your fabric and face the two sides together as if you’re making a sandwich. Then, place the elastic or your ties in between both layers and sew them in the corner. Side note: when using elastics, sew one at each end creating a loop on each side. When using ties, use one piece at each corner so there are four total. Last step, make a three staffered pleat on the mask lengthwise and sew all the way around. That’s all you need to do! Masks are easy to make and with the right materials, and can be very cheap to do!

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