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Many would say that history repeats itself as time goes by. However, no one would’ve expected this to escalate so quickly. We heeded the warnings and took action of what is going around the world now. When writing this article, not only were the sources accounted for, but also those who are living in the situation of each major city being written today. This is how we are handling Covid-19 and these are our stories.

We start off in one of the most affected areas out there, the United Kingdom.  In The UK the situation is changing daily. At the start we didn’t think much of it and we were counting the numbers slowly rising, one day 140, the next 220 and it kept rising and rising. However things down south in places like London are much more rough, as it’s a quite densely populated area. As for measures that have been put in place people will be questioned if they are caught outside without good reason, you’re allowed outside for daily exercise, so typically, on the news. A student in London, says “Many people have been allowed to work from home, but people who work for “essential” jobs cannot and have to turn up for work.” This could be people who have to work in supermarkets, emergency services, pharmacies, doctors etc. 

In Holland, near the Netherlands, the government simply advises people to not go to crowded places or groups with people close to each other, though most people are too ignorant or don’t care and still do the stuff they would normally do.  However, Holland progressed in their research finding out that the city’s waste water carried the virus, indicating that this is a subtle warning of a pneumonia-causing disease. Labeled “SARS-CoV-2”, the sub category of Covid-19 works through someone’s stool, but they determined this would not be the main cause of how it first started. As per announcement, stores have some safety measures, as in only a few people can enter at a time and there are queue lanes to enter. Interviewee Luke “Xyclas”Dijkhuizen , our person in Holland says, “School central/final exams are scrapped, [they] won’t happen apparently. So a few more tests I have to finish and then I’ll graduate from high school. Kind of bizarre but I’m ok with it.”

Moving to the United States, I was personally contacted for this article by a citizen named Kaede who lives in New Jersey. Kaede (22) and her mom (44) were asymptomatic but tested positive for the Coronavirus. She states “Here in my city I’m in a high contamination zone in New Jersey at the moment, and here they have it on hard lockdown. No leaving the house unless it’s essential and at night the police have started resulting in “spotlighting” and then issuing a fine if you are caught. With this in mind, as per expected like the rest of cities around the world, they are advised to stay in their houses  so a lot of people just… stay in their houses. “Highways are empty, traffic does not exist, and they are/must be cracking down hard on it. At like 7:00pm EST (the time zone here) the roads are clear you can run around streets as if in a purge movie,” Kaede Chen says. She expresses deep distress on how the death toll continually climbs in her city even with those who are staying inside. The virus developed victims who are asymptomatic so those even keeping safe can have it without knowing. “It got very rough, anytime we go anywhere we have to wear a mask and constantly scrub hands and apply cleaning agents or household cleaners to everything. As for how it feels it starts out calm like just regular coughing occasionally weird taste [or] feeling in the mouth/loss of taste at all.” They are both currently healing up in a self-quarantine with proper treatments form the hospital sending them supplies.

In response to the Coronavirus virus pandemic, Dallas County, Texas has taken measures to help reduce the spread of the disease. Their biggest step has been a stay at home order for all residents of Dallas County. People may only go out for essential goods and services. Additionally many restrictions have been placed on non essential businesses. Some of these restrictions have caused many to stop work altogether or continue working from home. With the strict stay at home order in Dallas County, their numbers dropped with 0 deaths from the virus itself. In Austin, college students were automatically sent home due to a case of Covid-19 being present in a student on the Texas State University campus. In the valiant efforts to keep everyone healthy and sabe, H-E-B, the supermarket chain, said it will provide employees masks and gloves for use while at work. H-E-B said employees who work in stores, warehouses, manufacturing and transportation facilities will be strongly encouraged to wear masks, which will be provided starting Saturday, April 4.

Lastly, in Hawai’i, the state is now in a state of stay-at-home orders and lockdowns until April 14th, though the original date was April 8th. Governor David Ige recently fired Lt. Gov. Josh Green from the state’s coronavirus response effort due to the fact that he was  pushing practices to the people of Hawai’i that weren’t approved by Governor Ige himself. Hawai’i small business owners have petitioned the Mayor for fabric stores to remain open for those who want to make their own masks at home and succeeded.

The virus itself continues to spread all over the world whether we, the people, like it or not. These stories from different major cities are only what may be the beginning of the end of Covid-19 or possibly the continuation. It is advised that we all must stay safe and healthy and keep up the cleanliness that we have practiced during these hard times. So, we say in Hawai’i, S.S.S.C, Stay Safe and Stay Clean. Aloha.

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