TV Review: Love Is Blind

Contains Spoilers for “Love is Blind”

With its first season premiering this year, “Love Is Blind” is a binge-worthy TV show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey that caught viewers’ attention. Bringing it into third place of Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. Today, the show is romance- and wedding-themed with a hefty dose of competition reality TV.

Single men and women are brought onto the show, divided into houses by gender, then brought into dating pods where they interact with a date from the other house, completely unable to see the person they are talking to. Essentially, the goal is to test whether people can fall in love without the pressure of external looks and societal factors, moving into a lifelong commitment of a working marriage. The experiment allows the couples to fall in love with the person they truly are despite their race or background and other conflicting outside influences.

Moving on after a few dates still not having seen each other, a handful of couples get engaged, everyone’s favorite being Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed who end up happily married. Six couples ended up moving on to their honeymoon phase after engagements where they are then allowed to reconnect with the world through social media and testing their physical chemistries. 

Immediately, some couples face challenges while others thrive in other ways. After their honeymoons, the remaining five couples move in a home together to test their lifestyle compatibility as well as finally introducing friends and families into the mix. Some couples continue to struggle through to their wedding day, ultimately breaking up, one pair comes out in a relationship to continue dating, and four strangers leave the experiment as two married couples. Even those who didn’t pair off were able to redefine their values and themselves, growing and understanding if love is truly blind.

Anyone who is searching for some drama to get hooked onto should try this show. These are real people and not actors on the show, and that makes it much more personal. Due to some topics and language, the show is rated for mature audiences. With an entire season already uploaded for those with Netflix subscriptions, “Love Is Blind” is the perfect show to quarantine and binge.

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