Restaurant Review: Greek Out Take-Out

5 out of 5 stars

Greek Out Take-Out is a great little Mediterranean food restaurant that is located in Prescott Valley across the street from Harkin’s movie theater. The restaurant is only take out and you must pick it up in store. The Mediterranean food that they offer is delicious and is a must-have if you want to try great Greek food in Prescott. They are only open on certain days and are closed on  Thursdays and weekends. 

I ordered a Kefta beef gyro with tzatziki sauce, which was out of this world! The pita bread was extremely fresh and was slightly toasted and tasted delectable. The beef was medium rare with a pink and juicy center. The lettuce, onion, and tomato topped this excellently making the flavor of the meat tangier and mouthwatering. The tzatziki sauce was excellent and had a hint of dill and garlic that made it sweet and sour with every bite.

My friend ordered the chicken souvlaki gyro which was equally flavorful. We also ordered the falafels which were as and spices. We ordered baklava for dessert which is a delicious phyllo-crust honey filled crunchy Greek  delicious dessert. 

The inside of the building was extremely cool looking, with all the pictures and white and blue scenery around it. The music is a cool Greek mix and makes you feel like you’re in Greek country. The service is great and the owner of the business is really friendly. Overall this was a great experience and is now one of my favorite places to eat in Prescott Valley. It’s a little bit of a drive from campus but it is well worth it. 

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