Featured Drink: Campfire

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RDM Group Rating: 2.5/5

What to order: (Be nice to your Broista and they will make it extra fancy for you) Smore’s Frost with Almond Roca, Peppermint, and White Chocolate

Perfect place and time to drink: A warm spring day, a drink to recall the memories

After a long spring break, it’s about time that everyone gets back into gear. Welcome to another week’s worth of Featured Dutch Drink by yours truly, RDM Csalt. We at Riddle Dutch Menu would like to send out our greeting to everyone to keep healthy and stay safe during this time! To make sure none of our fans or readers are being sad while practicing social distancing, we decided to make a drink that would create an experience, similar to being in a gathering of friends. We call this one Campfire.

Let’s gather around a campfire and sing our campfire song! S’mores came up as a traditional treat made by a group that we all know and love called the Girl Scouts. In 1927, the recipe to make smores, called “Some mores”, was first published in a recipe book called “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts”. This drink imitates the evening snack that has been enjoyed for almost a century. Dutch Bros. copyrighted flavor of S’mores gets combined with a variety of flavors creating a simply aesthetic drink. When the drink was made, our broista friends created different layers for each flavor, mingly the colors of brown and white. When mixed, it comes out to a nice golden brown as if graham crackers were blended in. 

Lastly, my personal rating. It is absolutely too sweet for me considering how many conflicting flavors were in it. The peppermint seemed out of place with how it was randomly added in. The white chocolate seemed out of place and was included only to add the layer of white in the drink. Sadly, I will have to rate this drink 2.5 for being overly sweet and not cohesive.

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