Coffee Shop Review: Cuppers Coffee House

5 out of 5 stars

Cuppers Coffee House is located off South Cortez Street in downtown Prescott. The coffeehouse is a spectacular place to socialize and enjoy great food, coffee, music and entertainment. 

The atmosphere inside Cuppers is very nice and relaxing. The Victorian style building has a lot of entertaining artwork and statues that make you feel as if you are living in small town, England. Live bands occasionally play on weekends. This hidden gem is something you must try if you love wonderful food and great atmospheres.

Cuppers Coffee House serves a large variety of drinks, as well as breakfast and dinner. When I went with my friends, we wanted to try all different types of things. We ordered two lattes with different syrups and their homemade oat milk, and an Americano.  We also ordered a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich, quiche Lorraine and a raspberry muffin. My friends and I fell in love with Cuppers Coffee House and the products that they offer. The quiche was my favorite of the three food items we ordered. The breakfast sandwich and the razzberry muffin were alsoexcellent. Because of the coffeehouse’s delicious food and drink, Cuppers Coffee House quickly became our new favorite coffee shop in Prescott. Their online system will send you points and offers for purchasing drinks as an incentive to return. With the system, the coffeehouse will give free drinks on certain days

Overall, Cuppers Coffee House was an excellent place to go to. This is a great place to go to in the mornings to enjoy great food and have good entertainment. Make sure to plan your visits early in the day, or go in the afternoons as Cuppers Coffee House quickly gets busy. The coffeehouse is a little hard to find and parking is limited but it is totally worth the hassle for the outstanding food and drink. 

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