Book Review: The Sun Is Also a Star

Rate: 4.5/5

For all those that love to indulge in romantic novels, this book would be a perfect addition to your reading list. Inspired by Jamaican American author Nicola Yoon’s personal experience, she took the idea of meeting her Korean American husband in the United States and applied it to Natasha Kingsley grows up in the madness of New York City. Typically with some young adult romances, it gravitates readers and even more attractive as it is based on a real experience.

The Kingsley family moved from Jamaica and is living on expired visas, but they’re running out of time. On the morning of her last day in America, Natasha is heroically saved from a distracted driver by the romantic Daniel Bae and immediately they fall for each other. However, Natasha is a scientist that believes in facts, while Daniel is a hopeless romantic trying to change her mind. 

On Natasha’s last day, with all signs leading towards being with Daniel, she fights off her developing feelings as well as her family’s deportation through a lawyer troubled by his own love and family affairs. Daniel himself is the second son who must live up to his parent’s high expectation of going to Yale and dating a Korean girl, as his tormenting older brother was kicked out of Harvard. The day he runs into Natasha is the day of his college interview, taking it as a sign of what he wants his future to be. To get a better understanding of each character’s thoughts and feelings in a short amount of time, each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character.

Together, Natasha and Daniel are able to forget about their circumstances for a few moments, willing to fight for their lives together. Each having their own beliefs of how life works out, and they explore concepts of love, God, and fate all within the single day they spend together. They spend each dwindling moment with each other until Natasha gets on the plane the next day with her family, unknowing of what the future holds with Natasha and Daniel. Up until the very end, their romance pulls on my heartstrings because they belong together and haven’t had the chance to explore their relationship. The very last scene ties many strings together, leaving you completely satisfied and wanting to hear more. 

“The Sun Is Also a Star” is recommended for mature audiences and young adults. This novel focuses on two people of color, setting a path towards interracial young-adult romances and looking past the differences, intertwining a perspective about immigration law. Daniel is a dreamy character that supports and fights for Natasha, winning over the reader’s heart and adding to what we look for in a significant other. If you are not a big reader, this award-winning novel has also been turned into a Major Motion Picture, however, some plot points and details have been drastically changed from the book.

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