Coronavirus Horizons Update

To readership and the Embry-Riddle Prescott community,

In the wake of the worsening COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has transitioned to online education for most classes effective March 18 and has extended its Spring Break through March 17. In light of this, the executive staff of Horizons has decided we will be discontinuing our print edition for the time being and publishing on our website, [].

On the morning of March 13, the administration announced its decision to move online through university-wide email messaging from President Barry Butler, communicating that the online courses will continue through “at least April 6.” This came after virus-related closures of nearly 300 college campuses across the United States in the week prior. Later, the university announced that online classes would continue for the rest of the semester.

The extended Spring Break was meant to give students the opportunity to make the necessary travel arrangements and accommodations needed for this change. Some won’t be returning from Spring Break in the near future, while others might be facing complications due to international travel. 

The student body is recommended to limit their exposure to public spaces and large groups, but campus and its residence halls will remain open. “Those who choose to return will be expected to comply with all safety standards. Food services will be available, but with limited options and hours,” according to President Butler’s email.

Upcoming on-campus events, including athletic practices and student organization activities, have been cancelled. This cancellation also includes the March 27-28 Preview Day events for prospective students.

Certain other parts of programs will be functioning, including flight training under advanced safety precautions and Aviation Maintenance Science hands-on activities. However, for the most part, courses will be conducted online through video lectures, notes files, and online exams and quizzes. Many professors will be hosting Skype office hours and emphasize that business will continue, more or less, as usual.

Professors continue to announce their plans via email for their individual courses, but the university has placed emphasis on upholding the educational standard they’ve put into place. “We will work hard to ensure that all students, and especially graduating seniors, complete their spring semester courses on time,” says the message.

The university will continue posting updates on its dedicated COVID-19 page, []. Thank you for being a Horizons reader and we look forward to reinstating our publication when it is practical and safe.

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