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Sigma Chi Hosts Annual “Derby Days” for Philanthropy Week

Sigma Chi held their annual “Derby Days” fundraiser for the week of February 22 to 29. This fundraiser helped raise money with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation to fund research towards ending cancer.

On their website, The Huntsman Cancer Institute’s mission “is to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care.” The ringleader of the Sigma Chi Chapter who organized the times and events is Calvin Brannon, Sigma Chi’s Derby Days Chair. Brannon’s mission is “to promote such philanthropic events in the Greek and Campus Community at Embry-Riddle.” He came up with each day’s ideas and reached out to local Prescott businesses for donations and help by coinciding with Sigma Chi’s fundraiser events.

Before Sigma Chi’s philanthropy week started, teams were formed by students or brothers with an elected coach with the plans to compete and incentivise each group to try to raise the most donations and campaign which team can raise the most money. Whoever donated money was given the option to choose which team they were donating to. The participation and donations made by anyone tallied additional points towards the team they vote for.

These events included a coach’s talent show on the first day that included some mini games that allowed coaches and their teams to compete towards earning points.

The following day, the teams promoted a bake sale in front of the Student Union by the teams, and whoever donated and bought a baked good chose which team to donate to. Each team homemade sweet treats to sell, such as lemon bars, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes.

Yoga night took place the next day and students and participants were given the opportunity to practice breathing techniques and retreat from their upcoming exams.

A puppy play date event occurred where anyone with a dog brought their dogs on campus to socialize and promote awareness to stop cancer. This event was later followed with a fundraiser at Granite Mountain Pizza in the evening.

The next day, a “Sign a Sig” event took place where brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity were given plain white t-shirts to wear throughout the day. Coaches and their team members were to scout these brothers and immediately sign their shirts. Any team that has more than three signatures on the shirt were given the opportunity to buy the shirt for a specified amount of money that was donated to Huntsman. Additionally, whichever team had the most shirts by the end of the day were given points towards their team standing. This event included a Spicy Streats Fundraiser during the afternoon of that day.

Then, Calvin hosted a karaoke night place in the DLC where participants donated money to sing for charity. In addition, to make things spicier, Calvin gave the option to make other individuals sing for an increased amount donated.

Lastly, a campus golf classic on campus followed with a closing ceremony that Saturday. These events gave many opportunities for campus students and staff to participate and donate money towards the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

With the help of students and local businesses, anybody who helped raised money or donated money helped the Sigma Chi Fraternity “work toward a common goal, being the Generation to End Cancer.”

*Pictured: Logan Bill performing It’s Not Easy Being Green by Kermit The Frog (2/29/2020)

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