Video Game Review: Control

Rating 4/5 stars

For the past decade and a half, Finnish game development studio Remedy has been churning out creative, narrative-driven hit after hit. For years they developed exclusively for the Microsoft family of platforms, that being Xbox and PC. They’re newest entry “Control“ marks their first title to be available on all platforms since their exclusivity deal ended. 

Remedy is known for releasing hits such as 2010’s “Alan Wake” and 2015’s “Quantum Break,” both of which were praised critically for their deep and immersive story as well as easy to learn gameplay mechanics that help propel the narrative. 

2019’sControl” is no different, featuring the same gripping and immersive story, but where past games from Remedy such as the first “Max Paine” game and “Alan Wake” featured simpler mechanics, “Control” takes its cues more from 2015’s “Quantum Break.” Where that game featured a lot of time warp related mechanics allowing players to pause and start time, “Control” focuses more on its namesake: allowing the player numerous variations on the skill set of telekinesis. These mechanics are used heavily in combat but are also integral for solving the many intricate puzzles. 

Like past entries, the story is gripping from the start. Our protagonist hunts down the fictional Federal Bureau of Control to find her missing sibling and is soon, inwhat can only be interpreted as destiny, thrust into the role of director of the FBC and tasked with controlling an unknown outbreak of supernatural creatures. 
In addition to fun gameplay and gripping narrative, “Control” also features some of the best visuals of the past decade in gaming. The whole game has a very geometric 60’s Mod inspired aesthetic but couples it with near-future sci-fi aspects to make it wholly original yet somewhat familiar.

Overall this game is fun to play, interesting to progress through and beautiful to look at, a strong recommend.

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