SGA President Profile – Mr. Melea Tucker

On Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, Mr. Melea Tucker was officially announced as the Student Government Association President! Whether it is the huge, black pom-pom on his beanie hat, the clinking sound of his keys as he swings them around when he walks around campus, or his very distinctive voice echoing down the Student Union or library hallways, everyone knows Melea Tucker. Melea Tucker is one of the most influential and well-known students on campus. 

Mr. Tucker was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently a junior majoring in Global Security and Intelligence with a concentration in Intelligence. He is also double minoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations. Along with SGA, other campus organizations Mr. Tucker is associated with is the Eagle Strike Club and the Black Student Alliance. 

Tucker has been involved with SGA since last year, serving as SGA Vice President since April 2019. As Vice President, one of his biggest accomplishments was installing the lighting around campus. This was a continuation of the previous SGA council’s work to help make campus safer for students to exercise around campus at night. Tucker is also one of the founding officers for Black Student Alliance. He previously served as Legacy Director and Social Consultant for BSA. 

Mr. Tucker has been interested in joining SGA since freshman orientation, where he met SGA representative Zachary Ontiveros. He used his freshman year to prepare himself to run for SGA. He started to publicize his name by talking to more people on campus and frequently going to the SGA office. “I like to speak my truth to campus by paying more attention to issues, coming up with solutions, and surveying students on whether ideas are good. I also like to hear their input and receive their feedback.” said Tucker. Last year, during the spring semester of his sophomore year, Tucker was elected as SGA Vice President. “It was very symbolic that I was elected last year because Zach was the elections commissioner for my first election. I hope I made him proud,” said Tucker. 

Tucker’s goal as President is to increase communication to the student body and change the reputation of SGA. One way he wants SGA to have a more positive impact on campus is through outreach programs. Tucker has always been dedicated to helping others. “Live, love and hug. Those three words make me who I am,” said Tucker. One of Tucker’s biggest goals as President is to install a food program for students in need on campus. By collaborating with health services, counseling, and other departments on campus, he wants to ensure that the food program is taken care of and is up and running by the time school starts next fall. By the end of this semester, all the foundation stones should be laid out for the food program. 

After Tucker graduates next winter, he plans to get his master’s degree in Foreign Policy. His future goals are to work for Federal Law Enforcement or the State Department focusing more specifically on Middle Eastern diplomacy. Melea Tucker will continue to influence and be an example to students past, present, and future and be known for his constant support and involvement in club organizations and dedication to helping others. “I want to leave something that can’t go away after a year, something that can help students 15 years from now. For example, the food program. They won’t know it was me or know my name. They will just know that they have been fed and can eat at night because someone thought it was a good idea to look out for them. I do not look for public spotlight, I look for positive change that can impact our students and future generations.”