Coffee Shop Review: Wild Iris

5 out of 5 stars

A hidden gem is located in downtown Prescott, Ariz. on South Granite Street. Wild Iris has a variety of different types of coffee, tea, and pastries. The Wild Iris is wonderful and has a great atmosphere of calm and relaxing vibes. The staff is kind and very attentive in making sure that your drink or food is exactly what you want it to taste like. A few friends and I went, and we all tasted the different drinks that we ordered. I ordered a café latte with hazelnut syrup and macadamia nut milk. The latte was absolutely delicious and was a great first-time drink to try. My friends ordered a caramel frappuccino, a spearmint tea, and a cold brew. There was not one drink that I didn’t like. The cold brew was delicious, and I was disappointed that I didn’t order it. 

The food was delicious as well. I ordered oatmeal that was topped with fresh blueberries and raspberries. There was also cinnamon and brown sugar with milk that you could mix in. My friend ordered an almond croissant which was warm and buttery, with fresh almond paste with almond slices on top. The experience was great. There are beautiful photos and paintings all over the building that give it a southwestern flair. The stand next to the barista station is neat, containing different types of glasses and coffee mugs and different apparel. 

Overall this was a great experience and I was very satisfied with the service and the products that this coffee shop provides. I found my new favorite coffee shop and I would recommend any coffee lovers to go and experience this atmosphere and the delicious food and drinks that Wild Iris specializes in. The drinks are customized to your preference and the experience is tailored to everyone. It’s a quick stop or a great place to do your homework. Stop in and enjoy yourself some great delicious food and drink.

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