Club Spotlight: Enthusiasts’ Community for Anthropomorphic Art

Active Member Count: 17

Type of Club: Hobby

Embry-Riddle’s diverse community grows every semester, whether there are transfers or incoming new Freshmen. This means that the school attracts students with different interests and hobbies. In this issue, we feature a brand new club that brings in an interest that is usually overlooked by the general public. This club is ECAA which stands for Enthusiasts’ Community for Anthropomorphic Art, a.k.a. The furry club on campus!

The purpose of the ECAA is to provide a safe and friendly environment for consumers and creators of anthropomorphic art and/or crafts to make connections with like-minded people. President of ECAA, Daniel Honavec, states, “The club is present to create a safe environment for those who appreciate Anthro Art as well as those who are apart of the hobby itself.” However, the big question is, what is Anthropomorphic art? Bringing in the concept of anthropomorphism, it is the art visual of having human traits and adding it to something that is not human a.k.a. a furry. So, this club is the furry club on campus! Now, what is a furry? A furry is basically a person who likes animals with human characteristics, like standing upright or wearing clothes.

 Fans of this subculture create their own characters called a Fursona which is an animal representation of themselves. For example, Vice President of the club Jacob has a fursona named Feron who is half wolf and half raccoon while President Daniel has a fursona of a polar bear named Donovan. The club plans to team up with multiple universities around the Country to create one gigantic fraternity/sorority, called “The Furternity” to provide students with scholarship opportunities as well as to create a safer school environment for those participating in the interest. VP Jacob, who is also the Chapter Leader of Arizona says, “I like to think that we have a safe environment for people to meet each other and explore their interests in anthropomorphic characters along with planning fun events to get everyone engages and help people get over some social anxiety.” Want to join the club? Join on Eagle Life now!

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