A “Ribbeting” Installment of Open Arts Night

BCA Hosts Once-in-Four-Years Experience 

Jump for joy! On February 29th, BCA and the Music Club hosted a ribbeting musical event to combine a Leap Day celebration with the annual Open Arts Night. With adorable decorations, such as a frog with lights in a jar centerpiece, lily pads, homemade frog chocolates, froggie stress balls, and free food, they were great touches that no one will froget. This made the event very calming. Attendee Kaylee Coffman said, “I enjoyed it a lot. I really liked the relaxing atmosphere. The single acts were really fun too. A lot of my personal favorites were played then. It was a good time with friends!” Hannah Bryner MCed for the group and solo acts of the night. The Eagle Music Club had several performances, including the Jazz Combo, Big Band, Soarin’ Strings, Altitunes Choir and the Aca Propellers. 

Student performances included Michael Szoke, Reece Cabanas and Connor Vaziri, Zsoee Eisel, Mathew Espiritu and Reece Cabanas, Michael Klooster, and Hannah Bryner and Michael Klooster. Some songs that were played were “Riptide” by Vance Joy, “The Only Exception” by Paramour, “Birdland” by Weather Report and the “Austin Powers” Theme Song. I loved all of the performances and was very pleased with the event overall. 

Secretary of BCA, Koby Yoshimi, commented about the BCA/Music Club collaboration. “This is a new event style on the BCA semesterly calendar. To my knowledge, we [BCA] haven’t held an event in recent history that allowed students a chance to showcase their talents outside of academics. When Music Club approached us with this wonderful idea to collaborate on Open Arts Night, we found a whole new side of potential campus events that BCA could take part in, outside of external talent.” When asked if BCA will collaborate with the Music Club in the future, Yoshimi said “I’d give an enthusiastic yes to that! While I will not be in the secretary role past this current semester, it is my hope that our next secretary will continue our collaborative efforts with Music Club as well as other clubs on campus. My goal is to leave the framework for this so our next secretary can continue to expand BCA’s efforts to take part in events like Open Arts Night..” Look out for collaborative events between BCA and student organizations in the future!

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