World4Women Valentines Picture Fundraiser

True Love is in the Air

Can you feel the love tonight? On Wednesday, Feb.12, World4Women held their Valentine’s Picture Fundraiser in the Music Room (Building 19), which included pictures and a raffle. The pictures included two backdrops, funny props and speedy editing with snacks available. 

Raffle tickets were also up for purchase, which included spa baskets provided by A Valley of Vitality.  World4Women made over $150. “The fundraiser was a success thanks to many on campus who supported us, and for the kind donations from A Valley of Vitality,” says Advisor Professor Meuiner. The funds from this fundraiser support a young girl from Kenya, providing schooling. World4Women will support her throughout her school years with monthly donations. These donations will provide supplies such as school books, transportation, and school uniforms. 

World4Women is specifically supporting an organization called Mpanzi, where all the money goes toward Maasai and Kisii girls and women in a remote village of southwestern Kenya. It is World4Women’s goal to support more girls in the future.  Providing money for girls in Kenya is one of the missions for World4Women; however, their objective is also to increase opportunities for women in all career paths through networking, mentorships, and collaboration. Professor Karen Meunier, who started World4Women, hopes that in the future, graduates and alumni will reach out to ERAU students to provide a helping hand in gaining employment and provide mentorship to ensure their success. 

“When a girl has a sponsor to support them to attend school, it changes their lives through education and empowerment,” says Advisor Professor Meuiner. Without support,  Maasai and Kisii girls face early marriages (sometimes as young as 8-years old), violence, female genital mutilation, and early or forced pregnancy ( 

Future plans are to continue to fundraise to support Mpanzi’s mission, develop a mentorship program to connect ERAU students with young girls in the community through high school programs, invite guest speakers on campus, to build a strong networking platform and increase membership of both men and women on campus. Look for World4Women events on campus in the near future. 

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