Word on The Street – Good Study Habits

Last issue, I spoke to students about what they would change about themselves if they could change one thing. The most common thing students wanted to change had to do with procrastination and study habits. Naturally, this made choosing the topic of this issue of Word on The Street very easy for me.

I took to the streets and sidewalks of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus with one question and got some great answers and advice:

Q: If you were giving advice to students on good study habits and ways to get good grades, what would you say?

“I’d tell them to go study at the library because it’s kind of quiet there. Take notes! If you don’t, you’re screwed.” – Saima Teasha

“Do your homework now and don’t do it later.” – Prince Gersom Anselmo

 “Pick an environment that’s not too comfortable but not too uncomfortable. Just know what you want in life and know what it takes to get after it. That’s what works for me.” – August Blomquist

“Stay committed, form good habits early, [and also] find motivation even if it is something stupid.” – Joshua Allen

 “Use Quizlet. I use it all the time. Especially when you need to [memorize definitions] or graphs.” – Calen Crockett

“Do not procrastinate. Just cram homework into every available space and time.” – Luke English

 “The best thing is sleeping. If you don’t have enough sleep, how could you even study [or get] a good grade on a test. [A] nice balance of socializing and studying at the same [time, gives you] that break.” – Timmy Casnellie

 “I would tell them at least do a two to one ratio: one hour in the classroom and two hours out of the classroom works very well and your likely to get more A’s.” – Mackenzie Snughart

 “Do your best [and] know the reason why you’re here. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your life.” – Daniel Lee

 “The first thing that I would mention would be the fact that we have a tutoring center that actually is open [Sunday] through Thursday to help students out if they can’t make office hours, and beyond that, to make sure that they attend office hours as well.” – Gerorge Klett

 “Make lots of friends in the classes. That way they can help you study [in] groups.” – Nick Williams

For all of you who are procrastinating and need better study habits, maybe you can take a few things away from your fellow students. Almost every person I talked to had a different piece of advice. I encourage you to try some of the things they suggested.

Habits take time and repetition to build and it probably helps if you write out a plan for how you are going to change them and what new things you are going to introduce into your routines. I remember seeing a study about how people who write out their plan follow through with it far more than those who don’t write it out. That’s my advice. Take some of these ideas, write out a plan, and then build those good habits and smash these upcoming midterms as well as the rest of the term. Good luck

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