TV Review: The Witcher

5/5 Stars

Debuting in 2019, The Witcher is a TV series based on a series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski, which inspired the video games developed by CD Projekt Red. In comparison to the video games, season one is said to comprise of a compact version of the first two video games, while the next season continues with the story of “Witcher 3”.  It follows the main character, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), as it delves into past and present as well as how the story’s primary conflict affects the main characters. With Geralt, there is also, Ciri (Freya Allan), and Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra). Season one is only eight episodes long, each episode running about an hour. Season two is supposed to have eight episodes as well and is reported to be debuting in 2021. 

Upon first viewing, the show can be confusing as it alternates between past and present and can take awhile to understand. Because of this, the viewer is constantly getting a glance into what influenced the main characters as we know them. The first season follows Geralt as he attempts to find Ciri, a young princess he is linked to by fate. 

The show has epic fight scenes and awesome special effects, with emotional conflict and resolution between characters. I highly recommend this tv show to anyone who likes the fantasy genre. As a warning, it is rated TV-MA, so be aware of the violent content, graphic nudity, and language.  “The Witcher” is an epic tale of destiny, magic, monsters, and war that keeps views coming back for more. 

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