Sports Update



February 8

Merced, CA

ERAU 67-70

The Eagles fought a hard game against the University of California Merced. While the first quarter was a back and forth battle, the Eagles led by six. The second quarter showed more spirit from the Bobcats yet not enough to outplay senior Danae Ruiz (Albuquerque, NM) with a seven-point run and scoring eight to help lead the team by 11 heading into the half. The third quarter was no time to slow down as the Eagles took a beating from the Bobcats by the opposition scoring 16 points. The game came down to the last quarter where the Eagles only led by two and finished the game ahead by three. Ruiz led in scoring with 16 points, senior Melissa Pfeifer (Hays, KS) led with 10 rebounds, and senior Haley Villegas (Anthem, AZ) produced five assists.

February 13

Prescott, AZ

ERAU 77-60

The Embry-Riddle women’s basketball team stole back their confidence in a conference game against La Sierra University and brought their record to 10-1 in the conference, and 20-4 overall. The Eagles set out with fire in the first quarter as senior Jazlyn Maletino-Faga (Tracy, CA) scored 13 points to lead the Eagles to the first quarter win of 27-8. Both teams seemed matched in the second quarter as sophomores Savannah Madder en (Kalamazoo, MI) and Kamryn Brown (Gilbert, AZ) each had three rebounds to keep the Eagle lead up by 19 as they headed into half time. The Golden Eagles came out firing on all four  as they chipped away at the Eagles lead, winning the third quarter by five points. In the end the Eagles took the fourth quarter by three points to win the game by 17. Senior Melissa Pfeifer (Hays, KS) led with 10 rebounds.

February 15

Prescott, AZ

ERAU 63-75

The Eagles took their second loss in the conference against the University of Antelope Valley to bring their record down to 10-2. The first quarter brought the team head to head as the Pioneers won by one. The second quarter showed the Eagles unable to keep up with their opponents as they lost 22-14. The first and only win of a quarter by the Eagles wasn’t until the third quarter as they won 20-18. The Eagles lost the last quarter by five points to bring the Pioneers lead to 12 to end the game. Highlights go to seniors Jazlyn Maletino-Faga (Tracy, CA) with 19 points, Melissa Pfeifer (Hays, KS) and Jenna Knudson (Sterling, CO) with 10 rebounds each.


February 8

Merced, CA

ERAU 54-82

This match marked a difficult game for the Eagles as they took a loss from the University of California Merced by 28 points. Senior Gilbert Ibarra (Prescott Valley, AZ) led the Eagles in scoring with 14 points throughout the game. The Bobcats had an early start of 9-0 that the Eagles chipped away to bring the lead down to six until the Bobcats ran up the scoreboard again. With multiple dry runs struggling to score, the Eagles took a beating in the first half behind by 17 points. The second half showed no improvement though the Eagles battled their hardest through to the end. The Bobcats started another run of 8-0 and ran it up until the Eagles began to make shots too late in the game, losing the second half by 11.  The Eagles’ statistics for the game: 34 percent of 3-point field goals made, and 71.4 percent of free throws made.

February 13

Prescott, AZ

ERAU 95-89

 The Eagles started out early going on a 13-point run while keeping the lead against the Golden Eagles. Seniors Nick Johnson (Anthem, AZ) and Gilbert Ibarra (Prescott Valley, AZ) each put up six points while fellow senior Trace Edmier (Mesa, AZ) snatched two rebounds early in the game. Though the Eagles started out hot, it was too much to keep up with as LSU took over the first half to lead by 12. The Eagles brought back the heat in the second half to beat out the Golden Eagles by 6. Ibarra led with 28 points and Edmier with 10 rebounds.

February 15

Prescott, AZ

ERAU 63-89

The Eagles brought their record down to 4-8 in conference and 9-14 overall against the University of Antelope Valley after a hard loss during senior night. The Pioneers started on a ten-point run early in the game until senior Nick Johnson (Anthem, AZ) dropped two buckets and senior Gilbert Ibarra (Prescott Valley, AZ) came down with three rebounds to help keep them in the game. The first half showed promise as the Eagles were only down by two as they headed into half time. But the home team couldn’t keep up with the Pioneers as the game fell in their opponent’s favor. The Eagles lost the second half by 24 points and 26 in the game. Johnson led with 23 points and 9 rebounds.


February 13

Phoenix, AZ

ERAU 16-27

The Embry Riddle wrestling team took a loss against Arizona Christian University.

125: Unknown Forfeit

133: Double Forfeit

141: Caleb Norman (FR/Sugar City, ID) lost by fall, 3:55

157: Beau Blackham (SO/Vernal, UT) won by decision (4-3)

165: Taylor Owens (SR/Boise, ID) won by decision (8-2)

174: Daniel Butler (SO/Leavenworth, KS) won by major decision (8-0)

184: TJ Hall (JR/Meridian, ID) won by fall (4:20)

197: Jackson Edwards (FR/Sahuarita, AZ) lost by decision (11-7)

285: Garrette Branson (SO/Matoon, IL) lost by fall, 1:35

184: TJ Hall (JR/Meridian, ID) won by decision (5-3)



February 9-10

El Paso, Texas

ERAU 3 of 6

The Cactus Thaw Tournament held in El Paso, Texas, was one for the books due to the overall conditions that held the Eagles. The Painted Dunes Golf Course brought on strong winds for the first day to make scoring harder through the field. Sophomore Kendall McBean (Mesa, AZ) went 76-82 to tie for seventh with fellow team and senior Jessica Williams (Tucson, AZ) who shot 79-79. Freshman Cami Culp shot 80-81 to tie for 13th. Overall the Eagles played about 14 strokes above their average from last semester as the team shot 328-329 to finish third, behind NCAA Division ll teams by 44 strokes.


February 9-10

El Paso, Texas

ERAU 7 of 10

The Embry-Riddle men’s golf team played great, but not as great as their opponents from  NCAA Division ll. Though they did take seventh place, everyone put at least one round in the 70s. Junior LJ Kruszewski (Chesapeake, VA) led the Eagles, tying for 24th with 73-77 while senior Kyle Peterson (Peoria, AZ) followed up with a 77-74 for totals of six and seven over par, respectively. Junior Sean Poling (Phoenix, AZ) struggled on day one but came back hard day two to shoot one under par at 71 to tie for 43rd place. Junior Joseph Allen (Gig Harbor, WA) played well day two and shot one over par to tie Poling. Freshman Alex Lasalarie (France) played well shooting 81-75 to tie for 49 th. The Eagles have three more tournaments until Conference which is hosted at home at Antelope Hills Golf Course in early April.


February 8

Lake Elsinore, CA

ERAU 8-7, 9-11, 0-6, 5-2

The Eagles put in work at the NAIA Classic tournament with two wins and two hard-fought losses. Senior Carly Carlsen (Littleton, CO) and freshman Kate Delaney (Fort Collins, CO) delivered the most runs at two each. The 9-11 loss showed a hot Eagle offense which continued from their first win. The defense struggled to keep up with the on-fire Menlo College as the Oaks continued to hike up their runs. Junior Haley Basye (Tucson, AZ) ran in three RBIs (runs back in) while going 2-4 at bat. The last loss for the Eagles of 0-6 against Hope International University showed the offense cooling down after two hot streaks. The Royals came out playing hard, with only one Eagle, Carlsen, managing hits in the third outing. Delaney only gave up one hit in five innings, but the other two innings brought the heat from the Royals with four runs scored in the fourth inning compared to the Eagles two. The last win for the Eagles had Carlsen taking down six batters on strikes in four innings while fellow senior Elyssa Bramer (Lancaster, CA) stole four bases combined. Delaney and Basye combined for 3-6 up-bats with two runs and an RBI.