Restaurant Review: Prescott Brewing Company

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Although I have been to the Prescott Brewing Company before and this restaurant has also been reviewed in the past, I wanted to review this from a fresh perspective. I went last weekend with some friends. I am vegetarian and I was surprised about the variety of vegetarian options. I eventually landed on the spinach enchiladas, which are white corn tortillas filled with spinach, onion and jack cheese. The dish is topped with house-made green chile sauce and jack cheese. The sides include black refried beans, southwest rice, and pico de gallo. The spinach enchiladas are reasonably priced at $12.99. You can also add chicken for $1.99 and sour cream or guacamole for 99 cents each. 

I love the ambiance of Prescott Brewing Co. It feels very cozy and inviting. Since I am a minor, I did feel a little out of my element in the brewpub. The service was fast, even though the place was pretty packed. What surprised me about these enchiladas was the green chile sauce. It was very smooth and had lots of flavor. It paired well with the spinach, onion and jack cheese. These were definitely the highlights of the plate. However, the rice and beans did not stand out. The Mexican rice was average but tasted better when I mixed in the pico de gallo. The beans did not have a ton of flavor and were not as smooth as I expected. I did enjoy the beans with the green chile sauce. Despite the lackluster sides, I did enjoy this plate. If I was going to get this plate again, I would get the addition of guacamole or sour cream. I feel that the price was appropriate for the amount of food.  

The other options for vegetarians were the artisan pub pretzels, the Founders PBC Dip, the tomato-mushroom bisque, a green salad, or the Greenhouse pizza. The Founders PBC Dip and the tomato-mushroom bisque sound delicious. The Founders PBC Dip is a blend of artichoke hearts, green onions, Parmesan cheese, and sour cream. It is served in their baked beer bread boule with fresh veggies for the price of $10.99. The tomato-mushroom bisque is a tomato-based soup with fresh mushrooms and herbs and served with their beer bread and butter for $4.99. When I return, I would consider getting these items. 

The Prescott Brewing Company was a good experience except for some of the flavors. It has a great environment to spend time with friends. With affordable prices, I feel that a visit to the restaurant is worth it. I will be returning in the future, excited to try more options. 

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