Whats Good In Greek?

Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Phi Epsilon Start the Year Off Thoughtfully

Lambda Chi Alpha recently inducted new Associate Members with guests from Delta Phi Epsilon and held a fundraising event. On Feb. 3 through Feb. 5, 2020, they were found outside Hunt Student Union raising awareness and accepting donations to help fight the Australian wildfires. On their last day of fundraising, they did a bake sale in hopes to get a last big sweep of donations. Over the three days, they “raised two hundred dollars to go towards efforts in Australia, which will be donated to the Irwin Family’s Wildlife Warriors Foundation,” eagerly said Lambda Chi Alpha Associate Member Connor Pickett.

After having a week full of activities for recruitment and introducing four new members, Delta Phi Epsilon’s first event of the semester, on Feb. 5 through Feb. 7,  was “holding a Women’s Shelter Drive” in hopes of collecting “lightly used clothes and/or hygiene products [and] men and women’s clothes,” said President Savanna Wallace.

When asked how they got involved with the women’s shelter, Wallace said they “wanted to help … because [the women’s shelter is] always looking to collect more hygiene products and clothes so [they] reached out … and asked what [items are always needed] and [Delta Phi Epsilon] were more than happy to help because [they] get so much support from the students and faculty” on campus.

As Delta Phi Epsilon started accepting donations, they received an influx of hygiene products and “had a lot of people come to the table asking what they could bring and they said they would collect their lightly used clothes and come back … to drop them off,” said Wallace. She had high expectations for donations this year as last year they did this same fundraiser and collected over ten black trash bags of clothes.

Delta Phi Epsilon will be having another event later this month. February 24 through Feb. 28 will be their Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) Philanthropy week. Each day will have a different event and there are hopes of holding their first Deepher Dude Competition that same week. “Deepher Dude is a male that bonds with the sisters and represents our values and supports our philanthropy,” according to Wallace. 

These are just two of the Greek organizations kicking off the semester with fundraising and fun activities in support of their core values and philanthropies. As charitable activities continue throughout the semester, get out and support your local fraternities and sororities!