Student Artist Spotlight: Janessa Leon Guerrero

Janessa Leon Guerrero finds a passion in painting during her free time. As an artist for more than 3 years, she specializes with acrylic paint on canvas. For objects and inspiration, she finds the female body to be a beautiful dynamic to her creativity. For example, many of her pieces offer a wonderful array of abstract/contemporary pieces that portray women. She spoke about how the female body is a gorgeous display of nature and a colossal statue of empowerment for life; to give and nurture. 

Additionally to her craft, she recently partook in a painting group activity in Phoenix. This group activity followed one painter to all paint the same object. The main painter designed and painted a main object such as a cactus on canvas while a group of painters followed. However, as the group follows by painting on their own canvases, they are allowed to add their own personality and artistic style. Janessa added her own elegant style by incorporating a sunset into the background.

This Piece is acrylic paint on canvas, made on Oct. 5th, 2019. She calls it Très Amigos, portraying three cacti in the Arizona desert with the sun setting behind them. It displays a passage of time, with the stillness of the cacti. The cacti, in their stillness, through the changing seasons of Arizona, these cacti stayed together. Through the changing seasons of Arizona, these cacti stayed together no matter what, and through their stillness are able to watch the sunset every day. Hence, naming them and the painting, Très Amigos.

Janessa is genuinely proud of this painting and states, “Even though I love the painting, I do not condone touching cacti.” Though it is not good to touch cacti, the piece illustrates the beauty and stillness of cacti. In addition, motionlessness adapts a lifeless form. However, in the painting, the adaptation of a sunset shows that time still goes on.

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