SGA Candidates Start the Early Race for Office

With Voting Fast Approaching,Students Prepare Posters, Platforms

Although the frigid weather of recent days seems uninviting, the month of February holds great promise for the ambitions of certain students. These students will soon adorn the brick walls and cork boards around campus with campaign posters. This joint act will signal the start of the Student Government Association’s annual election, and so the race shall begin.

The application process officially opened via two mandatory meetings for prospective candidates, of which each had to attend one. The meeting was put together by Sabrina Davis, who describes herself as the “College of Arts and Sciences Representative for Student Government, and this year, I am also the Elections Commissioner. I have been in this position for a year, and my term will finish after the new candidates are trained.” The current SGA president, Joshua Limes, supervised the meeting and provided commentary when appropriate.

In her informational presentation, Davis went over the documents and essays required of each candidate, all of which were to be submitted to the Dean of Students when completed. She then detailed the election cycle as whole and the regulations that dictate the actions a candidate can take. When asked if she had enjoyed the election cycle in previous years, she answered with the following: “I like that the SGA bylaws are a living document, which allows each Election Commissioner flexibility in planning the election cycle.” 

She added, “For instance, in 2008, the commissioner held debates for the presidential candidates. Over the years, this has transformed into a ‘meet and greet,’ so that everyone involved can gather and meet students. This is what I will be doing for this year’s election, as I hope to give all candidates an opportunity to meet students. Election season is busy, but it is also fun and can be a great accomplishment for those running.”

Davis then dove into some of the issues present in past election cycles. “There are always issues that arise during elections–it just seems to be inevitable. Voter turnout is always an issue. Last year, we had around 400 voters. I plan to increase this number by adding more voting booths in AC-1 and the Student Union, and also by adding voting booths in the Library and Stem. I have been working hard this year to make the elections process more efficient; with that being said, I am thankful to Leah Richwine for having extensive knowledge on the election process and for helping me out.”

In parting, Davis encourages the student body to, “Please get to know your candidates and vote! The SGA positions require time, effort, management and communication skills, and almost every SGA project or event affects every student on campus.”

With posters going up as soon as Feb. 21, keep an eye out for your preferred candidates and prepare for the fast-approaching voting season.

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