Movie Review – “Swiss Army Man”

Rating 3.5/5

“Swiss Army Man” is a silly comedy-drama with some fantasy romance mixed in. It stars Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe as Hank and Manny. Hank’s character begins the adventure stranded on an island completely alone. Driven mad by his isolation, he befriends a special dead body (Manny, played by Daniel Radcliffe). 

The premise of the “Swiss Army Man” is based off of the idea of a Swiss army knife, which is a multi-tool that was used by the Swiss Army originally but has since become a popular tool for people and organizations all over the world. It has a lot of versatility and can be used for an endless number of tasks.

The film “Swiss Army Man” doesn’t take itself very seriously as the dead body that has been befriended by the lonely, stranded Hank has many shocking abilities that could only be described as magical. Throughout the film, Manny’s body is used for a large variety of tasks to help Hank survive. His body is comically manipulated in an assortment of ways that are quite hilarious and slightly disturbing.

The movie explores many societal topics that would be inappropriate to discuss in a public setting. This causes many of the jokes to be taboo, uncomfortable, and cringe-worthy, so I do not recommend watching this with your parents.This film is sure to be entertaining when watched casually. The assortment of palm-to-face situations and fart jokes are not complex but are creative. This movie won’t get you to think about the depths of society but will get your mind off your homework for an hour and a half with lots of laughs.

“Swiss Army Man” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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