Game Review: Stardew Valley

5/5 Stars

After getting tired of day-in-day-out of nothing but work in a suffocating city, the player discovers their inheritance of their late grandfather’s farm and escapes to Pelican Town, where life starts anew. Life may be simple, but there is a relaxing atmosphere and many adventures to be had.

“Stardew Valley” is a farming game that was released on Feb. 16, 2016 and now, four years after its initial release, is still going strong. The developer took great inspiration from a legacy farming game, “Harvest Moon,” and modeled the newer game after it, with many twists and turns to give it a life of its own. “Stardew”took four years to develop by Eric Barone. Yes, one man developed “Stardew Valley” in its entirety. From art, to sound effects, to music, to code… and it is a masterpiece.

A farming game may sound boring, but Stardew Valley is anything but. The pixel-art game includes mining, fishing, relationships, and even has combat zones. There is something for everybody in this game, and of course has many mods that the player can add to alter the game. The vast depth of the game gives the player plenty of things to do, and even enforces a bedtime of 2am… no all-nighters!

There are quests one after another and daily tasks like there would be on an actual farm, but things such as a corporation striving to take over, magic, hidden storylines, and villager backstories keep things interesting. There is no apparent end to the game, as the seasons and years keep passing, nothing stopping the player from continuing on after the main quests are completed. There always seems to be something to do in this charming game, so if you ever need a new game to play, “Stardew Valley” is highly recommended and  available on many platforms. Your farm is waiting!