Food Review – Tha Soft Touch Tacos

Rating 4.5/5

Tha Soft Touch Tacos is a recipe that can be found in Snoop Dogg’s famous “From Crook to Cook” recipe book.

The filling consists of two Tbsp vegetable oil, one medium onion (chopped), three garlic cloves (chopped), one pound of ground beef, one tsp salt, one tsp chili powder, one tsp ground cumin, and eight corn tortillas. The toppings are standard taco toppings. Tune those to your liking.

These tacos were ‘muy delicioso.’ I ate as much as I could of these puppies. I am always a fan of more toppings and more mixed flavors, and these were just that. Having that giant pile of an assortment of toppings that can be customized to my liking was right up my alley. The little bit of hot sauce to top them off was a must that really gave them a great finish. The core that cannot be adjusted, in my opinion, is the filling and stove top toasted tortillas. For everything else, I encourage you to put your own touch and taste on as well as try new combinations.

When making these, an excess was left over that was refrigerated and reheated later. It was almost as good when reheated the next day that I  recommend having these meals prepped for a day or two out.

Tha Soft Touch Tacos only get a 4.5 from me because they were very messy, so I had to clean up my plate afterwards with a fork. They likely won’t travel well, like taking lunch to school. The tacos also wouldn’t be a good date night meal unless you don’t mind being super messy in-front of your S.O.

Overall, I highly recommend these for a weekend or munchies meal. It won’t disappoint in that arena. I will be having this recipe again soon.

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