Featured Starbucks: Ombre Pink Drink

Order: Pink Drink without the Inclusions, top with Light Passion Tango Tea

Optional: Add Vanilla Syrup 

A spin on the ever-popular Pink Drink is the Ombre Pink Drink. It is considered an off-menu item, or a modified on-menu drink. The Ombre Pink Drink is visually appealing and is a beverage that defines the word “bitter-sweet” with its combination of the sweet and creamy Pink Drink and the bitter and tart Passion Tango Tea.

When ordering the drink, ask for the Pink Drink without the strawberry inclusions. This means that it won’t have the famous strawberries that come with the drink, but if the fruit is your favorite part, you can keep them in. Next, let your barista know you want to add light Passion Tango Tea on top, NOT shaken in. This is important because this is how the ombre look is achieved. Otherwise, if the distinction isn’t clarified, the Passion Tango Tea will be shaken in and the drink will not turn out the same, flavor-wise and visually. If you are someone who likes sweet things, add Vanilla Syrup to the drink. I like the drink with the vanilla flavor, but I’m partial because I have a serious sweet tooth. 

This drink is a caffeinated beverage due to the Pink Drink, which is a caffeinated beverage when separate. Should you be someone that cannot have caffeine, this may not be the drink for you. Also, this drink is made with coconut milk, so it is a dairy-free beverage. 

The Ombre Pink Drink is definitely social media worthy and perfect for the early springtime that the groundhog predicted on Feb. 2, 2020. As someone who likes the color pink, it’s also a personal favorite of mine based on aesthetic alone. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and do an Ombre Violet Drink or an Ombre Dragon Drink by subbing the Pink Drink for the Violet or Dragon Drink. One of the awesome things about the Passion Tango Tea is how versatile it is. Plus, this drink is perfect for Valentine’s Day, along with a pink or Valentine’s Day cake pop. Please go ahead and give this drink a try and let me know your thoughts!