Coffee Shop Review: Wild Iris Coffee House

5/5 Stars

Looking for a nice place off-campus to study or get a good coffee? Wild Iris is on 124 S Granite St., in Prescott, and I highly recommend this coffee house to anyone wanting to try a new spot. The first impressions for the coffeehouse are positive, as it has tables and chairs outside to enjoy weather, as well as string lights to give the outside seating a peaceful atmosphere when it is darker out.

Inside, the coffeehouse is more spacious than expected, with several tables and a variety of chairs. Have a larger group? No problem; Wild Iris has a large table and plenty of seating to accommodate. The atmosphere inside is peaceful and pleasant, and the friendly staff welcome with smiles.

For food and drinks, there are a variety of reasonably priced options. For food, there are pastries, sandwiches, fruit, and chips. For drinks, there are teas, cocoas, and a variety of coffees, served both hot and cold. The food we tried was delicious and filling, and the fruit that came with our meals was fresh and perfectly ripe. Our drinks were also flavorful and satisfying, and we couldn’t get enough of them.

While enjoying our meal, the coffeehouse played pleasant music that added to the nice atmosphere and let us relax and appreciate our surroundings. Wild Iris was not as busy as other coffeeshops, but still had groups of happy customers chatting with friends and family, and truly completed the atmosphere of the amazing spot that is Wild Iris.

I would go back again just to relax or even to study for a few hours, as the food and drinks are worth every penny and the atmosphere of the coffee house is incredibly soothing. I recommend this coffeehouse to anyone who will listen.