Club Spotlight: Ethical Hacking Club

This issue’s campus club spotlight is on the Ethical Hacking Club. The Ethical Hacking Club holds meetings once a week, Friday evenings at 5:00 p.m. in Building 17, Room 117 (Cyber Lab). I spoke with the Vice President of the Ethical Hacking Club, Brandon Nepute, to learn more about this campus organization. 

1. What is the goal of the Ethical Hacking Club?

Our goal is to teach and learn about offensive security tools and techniques, which allows us to better defend against the constantly increasing cyber threats in the world.

2. What made you join?

I joined the Ethical Hacking Club because I wanted to gain more hands-on, practical experience with cyber security, and at the time I hadn’t gained much experience in my cyber classes.

3. What processes are employed to prevent malicious activity from club members and keep all practices “ethical?”

We take ethics very seriously. All members are required to sign a form stating that they agree not to use what they learn in the club for illegal or unethical purposes. Every time a tool or concept is discussed, we emphasize the legal and ethical aspects of it and we make it clear what is and isn’t considered ethical behavior with regards to the tool or concept. All of our activities are performed in a closed-network environment to prevent any malicious or dangerous activity from occurring.

4. How long have you been in the Ethical Hacking Club?

I joined in Fall 2018, and have been serving as an officer since Fall 2019.

5. Do you need prior experience to be a part of the Ethical Hacking Club?

No experience is required, and students from all degree programs are welcome. We teach the basics for every topic that we cover so that everyone can participate in our activities.

6. How does the Ethical Hacking Club influence and impact the campus?

We positively impact the campus by teaching our members about what kinds of cyber attacks can be performed and how to defend against them, which contributes to greater awareness of cyber security threats and good cyber security practices on campus.

7. What are some future plans you have with the Ethical Hacking Club?

We’re always looking to expand our club, and we are planning into integrating capture-the-flag (CTF) activities into our club this semester.

8. If you could create a motto for the Ethical Hacking Club, what would it be?

“Teaching defense through offense.”

9. What animal best represents the ethical hacking club

A dragon, just like our favorite operating system Kali Linux.

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

If anyone is interested in joining our club, please don’t hesitate to attend a meeting! We’re always happy to see new faces.

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