BCA Hosts Comedy Show Double Header with Chris James and Morgan Jay

Comedians Have Audience Cracking Up with Accents, Original Songs, and the Bible Belt  

Comedians Chris James and Morgan Jay, invited by BCA,  performed on Jan. 24 in a double-header show that will make you crack a rib. Both brought great energy, impressions, and jokes to the stage. British comedian James started his career in New York when he landed a modeling job with Wilhelmina. In New York, James performed in the well-known venue the New York Comedy Club. He then started performing internationally, but eventually settled in LA, where he performed at famous venues such as the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard and The Laugh Factory. He has appeared on VH1, FOX, and HBO and also plays Barack Obama in the movie Obamaland. He is known for his expressive style, accurate impressions, and great storytelling skills. 

James started the show and talked about stereotyping, saying people don’t expect his British accent, and asked people to try to guess where he is from based off his accent. A story that was an example of this was when James booked a room at a hotel and that they did not recognize him when he showed up until he spoke, saying he sounded like “that Harry Potter boy.” 

James also discussed his experience living in South Africa. Apparently, there was a local man called the Ketchup Man who would lay down in the road, covered in fake blood (ketchup) and attack people. One day, James was walking when several men approached him and pulled a knife on him, so he ran. He did not realize that he had been stabbed until he got home. When he was going to the hospital, people thought he was the Ketchup Man. 

During his set, more scenarios, such as going to the airport with a jealous ex girlfriend, his modeling experience, going to church to meet ladies, being on a cruise ship, and when he was bullied in school were joked about. He ended his part by doing a great impression of Barack Obama. You can follow him on Instagram at @ChrisJamesComic. 

First-generation American comedian Morgan Jay hails from L.A but is originally from New Jersey. Jay has 6 years experience in stand-up comedy and 5 years in musical comedy. He has competed on NBC’s Bring the Funny as a finalist and has performed at numerous comedy festivals, including SF Sketchfest, Laughing Skull Comedy Fest and many more. Jay has won first prize at the 2012 Westside Comedy Showdown, 2018 Ventura Comedy Festival, the 2019 Antelope Valley Comedy Festival, and the International Songwriting Competition, which received over 16,000 submissions for the best comedy/novelty song. He is known for mixing comedy and music, performing original songs in his skit. His style of music comes from his love of RnB and Bossanova. 

Jay, immediately hyped for the show, talked about performing in the “Bible Belt” and seeing a man going into a Cracker Barrel with an open-carry gun, wondering “what the f*** is going to go down at Cracker Barrel?” Jokes about his friends and how they would play dumb games were made, such as “Would you Hit” and “Perfect 10” with wacky scenarios.  He talked about his parents, who were very straightforward with him when he was younger, and about pet-sitting a dog, asking if it was weird to shower naked with it. Jay related with the college-aged audience by recalling humorous experiences as an RA. The second half of his set was his performance of original songs, such as “Split the Check,” a comedic commentary on the tense moment the bill comes,“Dot Dot Dot,” which talked about a fight over text with his ex-girlfriend, “Bruh”, which talked about two guys in a bromance, and many more. You can find his album called “Love Songs…or Something Like That” and singles such as “It’s a Trap” and “Tiny Hands” on Spotify. You can follow him on Instagram at@MorganJay.

James and Jay had me doubling over with laughter. With relatable jokes and great performances, these two are definitely comedians you want to follow. If you want to have a good time, I highly recommend going to their shows.