Word On The Street – The Start of a New Decade

With the start of a new decade, some may choose to look back and reflect on how long or short the last one was, how much was accomplished or left behind, or to look back on the memories good, bad, or lack thereof.

The start of the roaring twenties of the 21st century opens up a new mental door for all to recalibrate their minds to accomplish what they want in these ten years. To find out what students’ futures may look like, I took to the streets and sidewalks of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott with one question.

Q: “What are your new decade goals or resolutions?”


“To live a healthy life overall; go to the gym more, eat more fruits and vegetables and things like that.” – Jacob Lackey

“Not to procrastinate as much.” – Danielle Zorger

“Get a good job. Graduate. Make a difference. Go out and make a difference. I’m in global security and intelligence, so I could work in law enforcement. I just got my EMT. I’m also a wildland firefighter. I just want to be a first responder and be out there and help people and make a difference in people’s lives.” – Chase Owens

“Keep a 4.0, get a job when I graduate.” – Gavin Shipman

“My new [decade] resolution is to beat Peighton’s boyfriend in a one-on-one basketball game. I want to be happier than I was last decade.” – Jeremiah Sanchez

“This decade I want to get an engineering degree. We’ll see if it happens.” – Kayla Gamble

“To be out of Embry-Riddle, to live in SoCal with my aerospace engineering job, and be driving a Tesla back and forth to work every day. The new [Tesla] Roadster that hasn’t officially come out yet.” – Kevin Kostka

“My resolution is to maintain my 3.0 GPA. I don’t think it’s that great right now but I just want to keep my scholarship that I’ve got here, and make sure my parents don’t freak the [heck] out about it. Other than that, I have also been trying to work out.” – Noah Plaza

“Graduate by the end of the decade. I think that is definitely possible. Working hard on that. Hopefully getting a job. A very big goal would be starting a company before the end of the decade, but we’ll see how that goes.” – Ryan Lopez

I encourage all my peers, both students and faculty, to take a few minutes to reflect on the past decade. I recommend such a reflection with the purpose of learning from your past. After you are done, then ask yourself; What do I want my life to look like during and at the end of this decade? When you have a vision, and it will change over time, find out how to make it your reality. Be brave enough to look forward and chase it into existence. Have a roaring decade ERAU!