What’s Good in Greek? – New Semester, New Opportunities

As another semester begins, so does the recruitment of students to various clubs and organizations. One of the most common and largest collective groups is Greek life. With several fraternities and sororities on campus, there is sure to be a new home for anyone interested.

Alpha Xi Delta, one of the three sororities on the Embry-Riddle Prescott Campus, wants its members to “realize their potential” and “be the best versions of themselves throughout their college journey”, which is done through the vital “core pillars: knowledge, sisterhood, leadership, and service” according to the Communications Vice President and Global Security and Intelligence Studies (GSIS) major, Emmalee Dotson.

For the week of Jan. 13, 2020, Alpha Xi Delta hosted their recruitment events for the semester, but Dotson assures students who missed recruitment, that there will be “recruitment next semester, [Fall 2020], around the second week of school and all the sororities will have recruitment events.” 

Sigma Chi, a fraternity who’s core values are friendship, justice, and learning, held their recruitment last week (Jan. 12-19). Although, if a student did not make it for recruitment and were interested in this fraternity, they are encouraged by the Consul (President) of Sigma Chi and Aeronautical Science major, Trevor Etnyre, to reach out to himself or their Recruitment Chairman [Calvin Brannon, brannoc1@my.erau.edu] with any questions.

Sigma Tau Gamma held a game night event on Friday Jan. 17, 2020, where they “played video games and other card games,” and will also have events such as “going to Sedona to help out with a track and field event for Special Olympics,” and possibly “a trail or road clean up,” according to the President and Mechanical Engineering Propulsion major, Grant Carrabine.

Sigma Tau Gamma works hard to “build [its members into] Noble generations of men” with their principles of “learning, integrity, excellence, leadership, citizenship, and brotherhood” says Carrabine.

Alpha Sigma Tau, a sorority which takes pride in its high standards for members, has “core values [of] graciousness, respect, intellect, connections, and excellence” that inspires members to “define excellence in and out of the classroom” in ways like: having the “highest sorority GPA (3rd for overall Greek)” according to the Chapter President of  Alpha Sigma Tau and Forensic Biology major with a minor in Psychology, Emma De Mander. 

Alpha Sigma Tau’s recruitment events started on Tuesday Jan. 21, 2020 for this semester and will continue thru Friday Jan. 24, 2020 with events like Dinner with the Taus, Camping Mixer, Canvas & Mocktails, and Hot Chocolate Bar in building 55 room B at 6:30-7:30 p.m. everyday this week.

Alpha Sigma Tau actually allows members to join outside of their formal recruitment events with their “informal recruitment event in mid-February for girls to come to if they are unsure about coming to regular spring recruitment events,” and having “Continuous Open Bidding (COB) throughout the spring semester,” says De Mander. 

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity also just held their recruitment week full of dinners and game playing. The “Eminent Archon” (President) and GSIS: Criminal Justice and Security Track major, Tanner Grevesen, says the mission of their fraternity is “advancing the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service for our members throughout life,” which also embodies the creed by which each member holds themselves and other brothers to the standard of The True Gentleman, by John Walter Wayland.  

Delta Phi Epsilon, a sorority that values a sisterhood experience, rich with tradition, innovation, and opportunities for growth along with founding principles of justice, sisterhood, and love, had their recruitment week last week as well. 

“As a sisterhood, [they] want to start having more socials with not only the fraternity’s, but with the other sororities on campus, because with such a small female population on campus [they] believe that the sorority’s should be closer and hold more events together. [They] also want to host more sisterhoods within the chapter because that’s what brings [them] closer and makes [them] more than just a sisterhood, it makes [them] a family,” says president and Forensic Accounting major, Savanna Wallace.

Lambda Chi Alpha values “loyalty, duty, respect, service, and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage” along with “ideals of patriotism, sound learning, religion, and morality,” according to Chapter President of Lambda Chi Alpha and Unmanned Aircraft Systems major, Reece M. R. Cabanas.

Lambda Chi Alpha is having recruitment events all semester with events such as: a “Board Game Night, Bowling, a Brotherhood CookOut, hitting up the Batting Cages in Prescott Valley, and our classic invite only, Bonfire/BBQ Night with the brothers,” says Cabanas.