TV Review: The Circle

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“The Circle”, an American reality tv series, graced Netflix rather recently, airing in Jan., 2020. This show is a combination of “Paradise Island” and “Catfish”, but without the seriousness of the deceptive implications of “Catfish”. All the contestants live under the same roof, however, without the privilege of leaving their rooms. The players can exclusively socialize via a social media app, never physically meeting. With this hinderance, deception is easily facilitated; some contestants may choose to catfish, yet, it is up to them to decide who to trust. Whether it be an advantage or disadvantage, similar to modern social media platforms, players can present themselves on their profiles however they wish. In this case, their methods of playing the game are revealed, some choosing game strategy while others acting as they do in real life. Besides the weekly shenanigans and drama, the players are working towards a final prize of $100,000. Throughout the game, the contestants rate the others on a likeability scale, with the last member at risk of game elimination. To keep the cycle, or “The Circle”, new players enter the game as others are removed, that is, until the final episodes where one winner must be chosen. 

Ultimately, I enjoy this reality show because of the contestants’ unfiltered personalities. The players are not actors and express their opinions and reactions to their most authentic degree. Compared to other programs, this series may have been rated lower, but for a reality show, it is quite good, and of course, entertaining. Additionally this review, to the delight of many, has zero spoilers. The final episodes of Season 1 have just been added to Netflix this past Wednesday Jan. 17, not allowing me enough time to watch, and therefore, spoil the finale. Oh well, next time. The full season is now uploaded, so enjoy!

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