RA Spotlight: Quotes From the Experience

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students that work as mentors and guides to their fellow peers. Below are a few quotes from previous RAs that have experienced various situations ranging from dorm room drama to serious infractions.

Q: What was the most fun day of the entire year including training as an RA?

A: Unplanned movie nights with the M200 kids and family dinners too. – Robert Konieczny

I loved the large-scale events we did in the village. Like the village Holi festival. – Reagan Sensmeier

Q: Is there anything you wish you could change without harming anything as previous RAs?

A: I wish students were more aware of university and HRL policies. It makes everyone’s lives easier when students have some idea of the rules, and what happens when they break them. About 95% of students don’t even look at it. We spend a lot of time and effort explaining rules because of that. – Konieczny

I’d hope that they know on the opposite side of the coin, that their RA is a resource and not just a grownup hall monitor. We got through weeks of training to help residents know where to get help, personally, academically or otherwise. RAs want to help for the most part, but they need the residents to allow them to help. – Sensmeier

Q:  How would you build relationships with students as a resident assistant? 

A: I talked to them. I made it a goal to be intentional in asking questions and getting to know them. I would go out of my way to help them, so they felt important to me. – Sensmeier

Q: How would you promote diversity/inclusion in your residence hall?

A: I encouraged discussions on diversity and the differences between people. I would host diversity events so having people make a homemade dish from their culture/family. – Sensmeier

Q: What was one of your happiest moments as an RA?

A: I don’t know if there’s any one moment, but I loved when I got to see my residents forming connections and strong friendships together. I was happy knowing that they had a community and I loved when they would come to me and trust me for advice. -Sensmeier

Q: Looking back, as a freshman, would you repeat your decisions to be an RA and follow the path you did, or would you have chosen a different path?

A: I would absolutely be an RA again if I could go back. It was a tough job, but I learned so much about myself and how to be a good leader. I learned how to care about other people and be a resource. Being an RA allowed me an opportunity to come out of my shell and grow. – Sensmeier