Out and About: Sedona Study Trip

Last Saturday, a couple of friends, and I decided that it would be a nice way to start our spring semesters with a day trip someplace nice. Skylar Kemper, Evelia Zapien Ramos, and I picked Sedona, Ariz. because of the views (obviously). However, after going through the first week of classes, we were already loaded with homework and decided to make the trip more of a picturesque study date. 

The drive over was really pleasant and the car ride was full of great music and invigorating conversation. Once we reached Sedona city lines, we were transfixed by the amazing red rocks and the beautiful day that was unfolding. We all realized that we needed to find a place to study and decided on a highly rated café: Creekside Coffee. But during the search, we also saw that there was a bakery on the way and decided to stop by and get some treats.

The bakery we visited is called Layla’s Bakery-Café. It’s really hip and modern with high tables that are designed to seat one and have conveniently located outlets to plug in a phone or laptop. Their menu was what I would call a vegan, hipster menu with bee pollen lattes and lavender hot chocolates. While I didn’t get any beverages, I did see that they had macarons and lemon bars. Seeing as how these are my two most favorite pastries in the universe, I was sold. The macaron flavors convinced Kemper to get one; they had pistachio and those are her weakness. The almond croissants called to Ramos, so she bought one. And my, oh my, were we all in heaven.

With our sweet tooth satisfied, we drove over to Creekside Coffee. The coffee shop is located closer to the heart of Sedona, so on our way there, we got to see more of the red rocks and the beautiful views that the city is known for. After getting to the coffeeshop and settling down, we got a pot of tea and began studying. But of course, with views like those outside of the coffee shop, we knew we had to take a photo. The coffeeshop was small, quaint, and quite popular. They even have huge tables where we all had the space to spread out while not disturbing the other patrons sitting at the same table with us. 

About 3 hours later, the time came for us to return to Prescott, Ariz. After grabbing one last selfie, we hopped back into the whip and safely returned to campus. Of course, we are already planning our next trip to go to study and relax, probably back to Sedona.

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