Music Review: Spotify’s Jazz for Study

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Sweet, sultry sounds of instrumental smooth jazz are sure to spice up your late nights at Hazy Library. Enter: “Jazz for Study,” a Spotify playlist designed to help you focus while absolutely vibing to the easy listening of small combo jazz.

“Jazz for Study” features an impressive 127 track playlist with over eight hours of easy listening. The track selection features a variety of smooth Jazz pieces played by small jazz combos consisting of trios, piano and bass duets, and combos with small wind sections. “Jazz for Study” includes wonderful arrangements of classic jazz standards, with some modern pieces as well.

Studying is a breeze with “Jazz for Study.” Within just 10 minutes of listening you will find yourself enthralled with your material as pianos and jazz guitars provide a beautifully swung functional harmony in your background. This jazz was hand-picked by the people at Spotify for its easy-to-listen-to qualities, so you can be rest assured that your focus won’t be interrupted by a throttling atonal John Coltrane solo on his distinctive soprano sax.

“Jazz for Study” has a lot to offer beyond the study session. This playlist is perfect to set the mood for a candle-lit date night, or a relaxing bath. “Jazz for Study” can turn any mundane activity such as your daily commute into a time for calm, thoughtful reflection. This playlist is the perfect soundtrack for any slow-paced activity.

Those with good sound systems are in for a treat, too. All of the tracks on “Jazz for Study” are hi-fidelity, and very well engineered. Listen closely, and you can hear every brush stroke on the snare, fingers sliding up and down the strings of the double bass, and the subtleties of each instrument’s unique timbre.

Spotify absolutely outdid themselves with “Jazz for Study.” The track selection is impeccable, and the size of the playlist is sure to keep it from getting old quickly. Close your eyes, relax, and float downstream with the smooth sounds of “Jazz for Study!” 

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