Hazy Library “Rocks”!

Hazy Library opens 2020 with rock painting for all students

As we write this new decade of the 20s, Hazy Library turns a new leaf as well, beginning the year with their first 1st floor fun event, “New Year’s Rock Painting.” The idea behind this event was one of optimism and inspiration, to encourage student engagement, offer sentdimental keepsakes, and, “set your intention for the year,” offered retired library employee Christian Allen. The library is generous enough to provide all the supplies and even optional phrases to use if you aren’t too creative,; some examples being, “Be fearless,” “Forgive Freely,” “Create Good Karma,” “Relax,” “Value Honesty,” and more. 

The rock painting activity is quite popular due to its optimal location. In the library, many students enjoy taking study breaks to use the restroom, to drink coffee, and to paint rocks while listening to The Rolling Stones. Students can paint as long as they need to, with no time constraints for their creativity and ultimate relaxation. With the start of a new semester, students may be feeling the pressure of the previous semester or drowning with current grades below the C-level. In this case, it is relevant not to take self-care for granted, and this library event is a reminder of that. 

When I approached the table, I excitedly dug through the rocks looking for the most pancake-like one. Although all the rocks had their faults, I finally chose a clean slate and moved onto the art portion. The library provided so many markers and paints that I was worried I would mess up, so I did some Googling and read through the quote list until I found a phrase that spoke to me, “Win with Grace.” My first stroke of paint was an all ore nothing moment, but I confidently bouldered through. I decided to just go with it. Ultimately, I had a fun time painting and was thrilled at the option to take my rock home. As people age, “we forget the joys childlike activities, like coloring, can offer,” concluded student Haidee Wesala, as she finished her rock art too. 

Painting rocks was a great experience in the beginning of this new semester. The table always had a few students occupying it, and was a total success for the beloved library.

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