Featured Starbucks: White Chocolate Mocha with Hazelnut

Order: White Chocolate Mocha with Hazelnut

Optional: Ask to make it a White Hot Cocoa with Hazelnut for no coffee 

Another warm drink during yet another cold week of the semester. This next one coming your way is the White Chocolate Mocha with Hazelnut syrup added in. The White Chocolate Mocha is a regular menu item, as is the Hazelnut syrup, but adding the Hazelnut syrup to the Mocha is such a complementary combination. 

When ordering the drink, all you have to say is the above line. If you aren’t looking for any coffee flavor, ask for it as a white hot chocolate. It will have a similar flavor, without the coffee or caffeine. Of course, there is always the option of decaf, too, if you desire it! The build of the drink is the White Chocolate Mocha sauce, the Hazelnut syrup, (optional) espresso shots, whipped cream, and sprinkles (as seen in the photo) if your Starbucks still has them available. When making the drink decaf, Starbucks will substitute the normal espresso shots for decaffeinated ones. If the drink is ordered as a hot cocoa, then they will simply leave the shots out of the beverage.

If you don’t drink milk, go ahead and substitute out the base milk (which is 2% for those wondering) for a milk alternative and ask for the drink without whipped cream. Please keep in mind that white chocolate does have a lot of milk and this does extend to the White Chocolate Mocha sauce. Should you be someone who cannot have any traces of dairy, then please order this drink as a Hazelnut Mocha. It is the same build in every way, but the Mocha sauce does not have any dairy in its ingredient list. 

With this drink, you will enjoy the nutty flavor palette with nice amounts of sweetness. I liked adding sprinkles to mine because I think we should all please the little kid at heart. I also enjoy the crunch they give when drinking the beverage. On the off chance that you don’t want the drink hot, it can also be ordered as an iced beverage or as a frappuccino. Both are equally great, but maybe not the best idea for below 40-degree weather. Please give this one a try and let me know what you think!