Coffeeshop Review: Yellow Leaf Coffee

Almost as Sugary as Dutch Bros.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Yellow Leaf is located in Prescott Valley, just off State Route 69. It is a small business operated much like Dutch Bros. The paint on the building is more earthy in tone, however, and very pleasing to the eye. You come up to the drive-thru, order, and wait while your drink is made. There is a small seating area shaded by an awning, but the weather on the morning of my visit was much too cold for that, despite the coffee being deliciously hot. Their menu has the standard espresso beverages with the option of personalizations at standard prices (like that of Starbucks) such as an extra espresso shot, alternative milk, or a shot of another flavor. Yellow Leaf also has baked treats, freezes, fruit smoothies, and teas. 

I ordered a Raspberry Mocha and an almond poppyseed muffin and was served quickly. While I waited, the barista who took my order made small talk. The area where they worked was tiny and three other girls worked making drinks in there. It was admirable to see them dodge around each other pumping flavor shots and operating machines.

 The smell of hot coffee mixed with raspberry was a great start to the morning and it tasted even better. Like most other coffee places with such diversity in their drinks, my coffee was very sweet. Overall the coffee was very good, but it wasn’t completely mindblowing. The muffin was tasty as well, but I had to wonder where it came from, because the inside of Yellow Leaf is much too small to bake things. 

Yellow Leaf is a nice place for a quick coffee drink and a small treat. It was not exceptionally great but overall the quick service, convenience, and taste warrant four stars. Although Prescott Valley has a Dutch Bros., Yellow Leaf is local and a desirable alternative.

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