BCA Hosts Daniel Martin, The Mind-Bending Magician

Entertainer of the Year Winner Dazzles Students with Soda, Card Tricks, and Telepathy

Abracadabra! Magician Daniel Martin, invited by BCA, performed on Jan. 10 in a hilarious and explosive show. “We wanted to kick off the semester with something fun and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at future events,” says BCA Co-Marketing Director Alli McIntyre. 

Martin, who has won “Best Variety Artist,” “Best Male Performer,” and “Entertainer of the Year” has dazzled many crowds with his show-stopping performances. Several other magicians have asked Martin to consult on their shows, such as the Netflix show “Magic for Humans.” Martin is regarded as one of the most creative magicians today. The performer started the show on the Friday evening by showing the crowd a brown paper bag with a question mark on it. He asked a volunteer to name their favorite drink (Fanta). When Martin poured it, it was unfortunately Pepsi, but through magic, Martin was able to turn it into Fanta! 

Martin then went on to ask another volunteer to choose a card, look at it, and memorize it. The volunteer then placed the card back into the deck of cards and placed the deck of cards back into the box (her card was the Ace of Spades). She tossed the box onto the stage. Daniel then tried to guess the card without talking by using cue cards. The last cue card read “You are probably wondering why I am not talking.” Martin then pushed the volunteer’s card out of his mouth!

He then went on to choose a volunteer to read the serial numbers off of a one dollar bill the volunteer had brought up on stage. Another volunteer wrote down the serial numbers. Martin placed that dollar bill in a small envelope. The volunteer was instructed to place the envelope in their front left pocket. He then went on to pickpocket the volunteer. But wait! The small envelope was empty. Daniel then instructed the volunteer to uncap the pen that was used by the other volunteer. The dollar bill was rolled up inside!

Martin then ask for two more volunteers. He said he was going to make it so that they could read each other’s minds. One was asked to leave while the other went outside. When he returned, the volunteer that stayed was able to read his mind, guessing that he wanted to own a Land Rover and go to Hawaii! In an incredible disappearing act, both volunteers disappeared!

Martin talked about how his home was being featured on MTV Cribs. In the video, Fanta was spotted in the fridge, Hawaii was mentioned, the Ace of Spades, and a Land Rover, which had the serial number of the dollar bill on the license plate shown!

This show was the best magic show that I have ever seen. Wilson Tadena said “It was mind blowing.” With many whimsical twists and turns, Martin is able to make audience members question the line between magic and science. Martin keeps the spirit of magic alive with his jaw dropping show. Follow Daniel Martin on Instagram @Iamdanielmartin and check out his website at [www.danielmartin.com].