TV Review: Superstore

Rating 4 out of 5

The NBC TV series “Superstore,” which debuted in 2015, follows employees of a big-box store, named Cloud 9, going about their day-to-day life with all its ups and downs, especially the very unusual downs. The show comes with a very modern and relatable feel to its viewers as the employees are just normal people getting through life the best they can. Yet no employee is safe from the gossip and judgement that comes with working in such an intimate and dynamic setting, because each character comes with their own quirks and drama, sometimes enough drama for the whole store. This keeps the viewers intrigued by the uncertainty of what could occur next. 

The female lead, played by actress America Ferrera, provides a sense of calm and much needed structure in this hectic store. Some scenarios she is everyone’s rock or role model like  when the cast would confront and tackle modern issues that are all too common in the United States. This series has the boldness to approach topics such as deportation or racial stereotyping. Even after all of those dark days, the employees will come together to support each other despite what is getting them down within their personal lives.

Everything is done in good fun and typically gets the minimum of an awkward chuckle, especially from the signature transition scenes where the customers or store are caught in some very peculiar pickles of a situation. At the end of an episode, a viewer feels something deep within which is more often than not the need to immediately watch the next episode to find out what happens next.

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